Projects for Tim Haydock’s MCJ 30 TTH class

“Where do you get your food?”, Photo Essay, 2014-09-18, Producer

“Bulldog Question of the Day”, Audio Story, 2014-10-09, Producer

“Number 200”, Video Montage, 2014-10-24, Producer

Print articles for the Sanger Herald

Happy birthday USMC 2014-11-13, Writer

Wilson neighborhood not happy with coyote 2014-12-04, Writer

Sanger Woman’s Club is ready to kick off the holidays 2014-12-04, Writer

SHS boys go 1-3 in HIT 2014-12-26, Writer

Print articles for the Selma Enterprise

Selma Cares fundraiser a success 2014-11-19, Writer

Selma holds first ever Collect-A-Con 2014-11-19, Writer

Dori Moya–a “pistol” of a police volunteer  2014-12-10, Writer

Rosa Linda’s: ‘perfect dance’ of good food and service 2014-12-24, Writer

Easier for Selma Students to report bullying 2015-01-14, Writer

Chamber director passionate about his community 2015-05-20, Writer

Patrolling on a motorcycle 2015-06-03, Writer 

Articles featured in Fresno State Magazine

A Lifesaving Effort: Registration now open to save a life Fall 2015 edition, Co-writer

From Food Waste to Bioplastic: University Researchers Turn Food Waste into Sustainable Form of Plastic Fall 2015 edition, Writer 




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