About Me

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Hello! Thank you for taking time to learn a little bit more about me.






Service has been core to my experience as a young adult and first-generation college student. This picture below was taken at the end of an international service-learning trip in the rural village of Naboutini, Fiji. These are some of the kids and adults that really made my time there meaningful.


My prior service experience outside of Fresno State includes a five-and-a-half week internship for Rescue the Children, working with pre-K to middle school students and interacting with the women at the campus. I also volunteered as a tutor to students in the Lowell neighborhood with a program called Wise Old Owl, and with Every Neighborhood Partnership (ENP) through Saturday Sports.

Some personal tidbits: I love Fresno. I am a loyal Baltimore Ravens football fan and St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan. I love the sun, so when it’s out, I like riding my baby blue beach cruiser. Coffee shops are my usual hangout/study/work space. Something you probably couldn’t guess from a first encounter: I am a bit infatuated with boybands.



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