Summertime Romance: Becoming Wonder Woman

Have you seen the new Wonder Woman movie? You are missing out if you haven’t, and I’m sure you won’t go too far on the internet without seeing an article about it.

As a sort of new fan of the re-emergence of the DC Comics universe by the way of shows like The Flash, I am so excited to see these superheroes on the big screen. I watched the new Wonder Woman movie in complete awe of the ability to connect with and be inspired by her character.

A little history on Wonder Woman (with some help from the DC Wikia ):

  • Wonder Woman was introduced to the DC universe in 1941.
  • She is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, and the daughter of Zeus. She is gifted different things from six deities of the Greek Pantheon: great strength; wisdom and courage; a hunter’s heart and communion with animals; beauty and a loving heart; sisterhood with fire; speed and the power of flight.
  • Her most recognizable pieces of weaponry are her bulletproof bracelets, Golden Lasso of Truth, boomerang tiara, sword, and shield.
  • Diana Prince was a name Wonder Woman bought from a World War II Army nurse, but in the movie, Steve Trevor gives her the name to protect her true identity.
  • Wonder Woman is often included as one of the leading members of the Justice League of America, which debuted in 1960. The other superheroes on the team were Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman.

In the movie, we see that Wonder Woman is discovering and learning how to wield her powers. As a child, she is fascinated by the woman warriors who practice their combat skills. She believes she has the ability to do the same and begins to train with her aunt. Her childlike innocence and bravery are two threads seen throughout the entire movie. When Steve crashes on Paradise Island, he is seen as a threat to the Amazonian women, but Dianna knows he is in need of help to fight the evil back on earth. She travels with him to the middle of the conflict zone with the intent to track and kill Ares, the god of war. She was on a mission, determined to save people from the destruction of Ares. Even in the face of men telling her she couldn’t do it, she did it. 

She wasn’t alone in her battles, however. She had found an ally in Steve who could come alongside her, but wasn’t going to stand in the way of accomplishing what she had already committed herself to. 

I have someone who is pushing me to fight for honesty, who encourages me to be strong like Wonder Woman. He reminded me of that just recently in a completely unexpected way. 

I bursted into tears in minutes after months of numbness to the pain and the fear I had encountered when thinking about my future and what I wanted it to be about. I was living like a scared girl until someone showed me that I needed to be a brave woman.

I didn’t know what I was capable of, the ability to cause both good and harm. I learned that I was hiding things about myself and my decisions so I could be in control and protect myself.  I was hoping to build trust but I broke it at the same time because I wasn’t ready to open up. I put myself down and the shame of my mistakes made me feel little and weak. Those “gremlins” were catching up to me.

I had wounds that I didn’t want to be exposed. I was scared of getting hurt again.

But as I thought about how I could be more like Wonder Woman, I realized what made her so special. Here is what’s interesting about Diana’s actions and the way she builds relationships in the movie. She sees danger and doesn’t cower, but rather takes it on full-force. She didn’t let the loss of her aunt or the loss of Steve stop her from fighting Ares. I love what Gal Gadot, the actress who plays Wonder Woman, says about her character:

“The beautiful thing about Wonder Woman is that she’s so many different things. She can be sensitive, and the greatest warrior ever, and strong, and confused, like she can be all of the above in a beautiful way.”

Even with Dianna’s weapons, her true strength derives from her ability to be vulnerable and to be herself. 

This is hard thing to do, ya’ll.

I know I talked about vulnerability in my last post, but it’s not something you do once and you’ve immediately mastered it.

Indirectly, my partner reminded me gently that I was talking the talk and not walking the walk. I was putting on a brave act until my weaknesses came to light.

If being myself just means being a little more weird and a little less uptight or being more adventurous, I will be just that. I will talk with confidence and not be ashamed of the woman that I am. My super powers are my intelligence, kindness and resilience. I feel overwhelmingly thankful for the people who remind of me of my strength and my identity as my own brand of superhero. 





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