I Never Met You But I Miss You

I don’t usually write poetry, but today, I just needed to share my thoughts in a different way. -E.D.C.



More than a name placed on a birth and death


Your name is something that rings so sweetly

in my ear and brings so many tears to my eyes.

I didn’t believe I could love someone who I’ve never

met in person, but you’re the exception.

It’s like our spirits cross in another place, and they meet

each time a smile is drawn out across my face, or each time

I need to be extra strong in the face of adversity.

It’s you.

Your birth, not your death, is the most important

event in my life. Without you, there would be

no me. My heart would be less beautiful, and

even if your absence didn’t break it, something or someone

else would.

Tia, aunt, friend.

More  than a name given to a woman of


I have never met you, but I miss you.



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