When Life Gives You Lemons

You would expect me to follow up with a cliche response, but that is not what I want you to takeaway from this post.

I want you to take a moment to pause. 

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat as many times as you want. 

At the conclusion of my second week back in school and the beginning of the third, I feel exhausted. Nothing has been extraordinarily difficult, but it has felt like a heavy load compared to summer.

Class. Work. Meeting. Practice. Repeat.

Exact opposite of what I asked of you earlier.

I have realized the busy-ness of the last two weeks has clouded my judgement (I have forgotten more than I would like to admit). As a result, I have taken a more serious outlook towards more things.

My appearance.

My performance.

Current events.

Others’ business.


I just needed a good laugh to relieve myself of the “lemons” (although I contend that there is a space for serious conversation over recent matters…post to come).

So I indulged in the social media phenomenon known as Doug the Pug.

That is right. A pug named Doug.

I saw this article recently and just about fell out my seat with laughter.

The perfect remedy.

Even if you are not a pet owner, you cannot help but have a soft spot for Doug.

His awesome costumes, wigs, witty captions (ok, he does not write these himself) and parody music videos.

This dog has impacted millions of people (over 2 million likes on Facebook and 660,000 followed on Instagram) and he probably has no idea.

I know, it is silly (and a half-truth) to say a dog with an Instagram is the solution to my qualms, but he has certainly made them easier to deal with.

As I am in this period of time where life moves at an unprecedented speed and I do not know if the outcome will be positive, I need some escape time.

My advice for readers who are also in a citrus-flavored season, make room for some sweet dessert.

  1. Watch your favorite movie with close friends (or Hans solo).
  2. Read a good book (I highly recommend Bob Goff’s Love Does). 
  3. Eat some actual dessert, in moderation.
  4. Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger (read these stories for some inspiration).
  5. Take a Sabbath, or an intentional day of rest.

Friends, I hope your “lemons” do not multiply to a fill a tree. Cut those lemons into slices, suck on one, make a silly face and laugh.


What are your current “lemons”? How do you relax after a full week of work?


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