Apology note to my body

This one is short and sweet…
  Dear Body,

Hi there. We’ve been together for almost 20 years. You’ve changed a lot, as have I.

You were there when I got my braces for the first (and second) time. You were there for my first big hit in softball. You were there for Sadies, Formal, and Prom.

You accompanied me throughout my first Polynesian dance recital. You lifted me from the ground after an accident. You carried me to the podium at my high school graduation.

You are amazing, but I neglect you sometimes.

When I am sad, I stay in bed all day and deprive you of sunlight. When I am stressed, I feed you with carbs and sweets. When I am too busy, I go home to watch TV instead of the gym.

Yes, I loved and appreciated you when I was a senior in high school. You were the perfect accessory to my clear, smooth skin. My face was free of glasses. You were adorned by smaller clothing. You received good food-both broccoli and brownies-and more than enough exercise.

Then one day I called you fat. I let someone else know that’s what I thought of you, and although they loved you, I hated you

The secret was out. I had a problem with you. I wanted you to be thinner, and less brown. I loathed those stretch marks from the first time I lost weight.

When I was alone with you, all I wanted to do was splurge. Eat anything to satisfy my desires. Ice cream, cookies, peanut butter.

I packed on the dreaded 15 pounds, even though they came a year late. I laughed about it to mask how ashamed I was of you.

You. The temporary vessel for my soul. The flesh and its temptations. 

Yet I was reminded of this verse in 1 Corinthians 6.

9 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, 20 for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

I disrespect the very thing God crafted and owns. He designed you to be beautiful and lovely, not weak and pathetic. You and I were made in His image. He wants me to use you for His kingdom work.

It amazes me how much God thinks of me, and that trumps what I think about you. My imperfect eyes only see the imperfections while my perfect God sees perfection.
You do a lot for me. You are just as important as my mind and soul. You deserve more.

Thank you for functioning well today.

Thank you for allowing me to freely roam my neighborhood with my dad this evening.

I hope you enjoyed dancing Zumba and eating berries and yogurt.

Body, I am so sorry for mistreating you all this time. Can you forgive me? I promise to make a change and pay attention to what is good for you.




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